My Secret Garden Exhibition

From June the 9th until September the 12th 2012 Kunsthal Rotterdam presents the exhibition 'My Secret Garden' by Arne Quinze. He's creating boxes with gardens throughout a wooden indoor labyrinth pushing the visitors into active contemplation and participation. From a very personal research towards his inner self Quinze would like to offer a likewise experience for others.

Quinze's work offers people a framework to think about how they live and organize their lives with regards to others, the familiar and the unfamiliar. The purpose of his work is to stimulate people to reflect about who they are, what their general characteristics are and where their boundaries lie and in this way lead to more insight in the inner self. 'My Secret Garden' symbolizes a safe place where you can look for answers to all these questions. In My Secret Garden he invites people on a journey to discover their own thoughts what he describes as 'garden'.

My Secret Garden has hidden parts, thoughts existing behind fences: these exist only in the head giving rise to questions, such as: What happens if a strange element suddenly appears in my fenced-off area? Can a stranger walk around in my protected zone? Can I share the area that I consider personal with others? Up to where does my freedom reach? When do I regard someone as an intruder in my personal domain? As soon as the territory is in man's possession he beacons it with high fences to create a safe haven, a place to feel safe and protected, a place that they can claim for themselves and close off for other.

Light and music play an important role in this exposition intensifying a very personal experience for every visitor. The Belgian electronic music duo Danny Mommens and Els Pynnoo, known as Vive la Fête, produced specific tones and soundscapes for My Secret Garden.

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