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My Secret Garden

This idea came into being when Arne Quinze let himself inspire by the impressionist canvasses ‘Les Nympheas’ of Claude Monet. During the creation process he realized he was undertaking a mental journey as it were and got wrapped up in his own world more and more, until he reached the moment in which he discovered his own safe gardens. ‘My Secret Garden’, a symbol for the mind and thoughts of the artist, forms part of the entire My Safe Garden, where My Home My House My Stilthouse resides in. This is a safe garden in which all the surroundings and his world are faced with limits. In a Secret Garden everything is hidden and there is no possibility of sharing things with another person. Secret Gardens are always visually empty, because they can only exist in the hidden part of the mind. The fenced-off area stands for everything that cannot be touched by strangers. That is why My Secret Garden forms part of My Safe Garden, it is an element of the entire world of the artist and protects by putting up fences.

213 x 123 x 46 cm

My Secret Garden


Sculpture made for the exhibition 'My Secret Garden — Valencia', commissioned by Enrique Vidal...

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