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Natural Chaos & Rock Strangers — Museum Beelden aan Zee, Den Hague, The Netherlands

Museum Beelden Aan Zee

A combination of Rock Strangers and Natural Chaos sculptures have been on show from the 1st of September 2016 at museum Beelden aan Zee in Den Haag, The Netherlands. This colourful open-air exhibition only ended in 2019, so for almost 3 years, people had the chance to discover Arne Quinze's creations in the middle of the Dutch dunes.

Natural Chaos

Amazonia — Luxembourg

“I had the most baffling experiences during some hikes through the jungle. It is nature in its...

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Public Art Installation


For the creation of Scarlet, Quinze was inspired by the Scarlet Oak. This bright red colored tree...

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Distributed at a number of museums

Arne Quinze News Bulletin

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