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Wildflower Fields — Atelier, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Alberta Wild Rose

"I try not to paint a flower but the power of my garden." Arne Quinze has been enjoying and at the same time studying his wildflower garden for years before painting his Wildflower Fields paintings. Native to Canada, the Alberta Wild Rose is an attractive and edible wildflower. Wildlife enjoy its edible rosehips, which you can use in jams, jellies, and rose hip tea. Introduce wildflowers in your garden, it is good for nature, and for your own sanity!

Public metal installation

Whispers — San Antonio

This monumental installation connects the River and Mission San Juan, serving as a portal between...

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Wildflower Field Paintings

Oil paint — Black, Purple, Red

Oil paint on canvas with solid oak frame The glowing reds, rose, orange, and yellows we see at...

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Wildflower Fields

The Summer Pheasant's Eye

A vibrant colourful canvas named after a small, orange wildflower, 'The Summer Pheasant's Eye'.

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