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Natural Chaos — Creutz & Partners, Luxemburg

Amazonia — Luxembourg

“I had the most baffling experiences during some hikes through the jungle. It is nature in its most pure but also most harsh form. Excitement and wonder at the same time. You are in the middle of it and you can’t think of something else. It sucks all of your energy. There’s so much to see, to hear, to smell,… For a moment, nothing else matters. This is highly addictive to me. And still it’s strange that the jungle has become a very harsh environment for us humans. We have outgrown nature so much that the most natural environments of the world have become our most hostile environments. But I challenge myself to bring nature back to humanity. Nature is a forgotten source of knowledge. Amazonia brings my raw take on nature back into the urban environment.”

Arne Quinze

Entrance Hall at Creutz & Partners

Public Art Installation


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Arne Quinze News Bulletin

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