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Arne Quinze

The first complete retrospective book of Arne Quinze

This book tells the story of Quinze's commitment to breaking the monotony of our contemporary society by giving space to the powerful beauty of nature.

The artist began his career in the 1980s as a grafitti artist, but quickly evolved from 'street art' to 'public art'. The internationally renowned Arne Quinze has become synonymous with monumental installations that can be found all over the world: from Germany and France to the USA, China and Brazil. However, his oeuvre also includes paintings, smaller sculptures and light installations, which you can explore in the book.

Arne Quinze tells the whole story through more than 500 images, a well-written essay by Xavier Roland, the director of the Beaux-Arts museum in Mons (BAM), and exclusive interview with Hervé Mikaeloff.

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Outdoor wall art

My Secret Garden — Mosaic

Arne Quinze has been exploring the mosaic technique for a few years now. The organic feel of this...

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A Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze

Ophrys Apulica

Deep saturated hues and vivid movements invite the viewer to enter this oil painting. Arne Quinze...

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Last chance to see

Extended: My Secret Garden — Valencia

Exactly one year ago, Arne Quinze was almost 24/7 awake, sculpting and painting for this open-air...

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