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Public wooden installatition — Brussels, Belgium


For a period of two years, the somewhat degenerated Brussels Louisa neighbourhood was brought to life again by means of the wooden sculpture ‘Cityscape’, one of the artist’s first large wooden sculptures in Belgium. This 18-metre- high work of art was supported by 12-metre-high posts, was 65 metres long and 25 metres wide. ‘Cityscape’ drew a lot of visitors to this remote corner of the city and allowed a new wind to blow through this deserted place.

For the inhabitants of this neighbourhood, the installation was a success and it therefore stayed longer than was originally planned. Many inhabitants of Brussels were pleased that something finally happened in this area. The positioning of concrete benches gave them the opportunity to come to rest in this place for a moment; something, which had been deemed impossible before the installation of this work of art. After the inevitable demolition of the construction, ‘Cityscape’ literally and figuratively left a feeling of emptiness in the neighbourhood. Not only physically, but also mentally.

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