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Wall sculptures — At the Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Cityview Series

The inspiration for Cityview arose from the many trips made by Arne Quinze during recent years. In his quest for diverse cultures, he came to the conclusion that all cities all over the world are derived from a single monotonous pattern of square boxes. The artist sees this uninspired form factor, frequently used by property developers and architects, as detrimental to the cultural and social development of our modern cities.

“ The curiosity about how we live, communicate with each other, and our relationship with nature, has nurtured the research for my public installations and work. People are always central to all my work.”

For the creation of Cityview, the artist photographed urban development all over the world and used the photos as a study to determine the outline for his Cityview series. The detail and layering with which Arne Quinze created these works invites the viewer to see the work up close. The human instinct to analyse in a voyeuristic manner is used by the artist to launch a dialogue which calls into question current urban problems.
With Cityview, Arne Quinze displays his personal vision of the monotonous city, and he calls attention to consciously developing our community of life in a more pleasing way.

up to 140 x 240 x 18 cm

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