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a Wildflower Fields painting — Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium


Arne Quinze spends a lot of his time hunting and observing plants in nature. Quinze is inspired by the plants he discovers during his travels around the world. After his travels, he plants them in his own garden, where he inspects and experiments with the process of his flora.

For Arne Quinze, the magic of his garden is best experienced during the morning haze. The garden and its surroundings are peaceful and the light is most atmospheric when the world awakens.

Just like his garden, Clavellata is rich in beauty; with the different textures, colours and layers, the artist reveals his sense of nature in an elegant yet powerful way.

Clavellata, a Wildflower Field's painting, 200 x 200 cm, oil paint on canvas

Clavellata - Arne Quinze

detail of Clavellata - Arne Quinze

Wildflower Fields

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a Wildflower Fields painting


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