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Intybus, a Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze

Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Intybus, a Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze

Arne Quinze expresses with his Wildflower Fields paintings, not the strength and fragility of one flower, but the feelings and snapshots that he experiences throughout his garden. Yet each painting is given a name of a flower that the artist intensifies, in this way all the paintings form a whole of his own garden where 100 000 flowers and plants serve as his Laboratory.

One of the flowers is the Intybus flower, this is a beautiful and inspiring plant that makes the winter garden blossom with its vibrant blue colour and delicate petals. But besides its aesthetic appeal, the Intybus has many qualities that make it an inspiring symbol of resilience and perseverance. This tremendous strength in dialogue with its fragile petals is something Arne Quinze wants to convey on his canvas.

Intybus , a Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze, 182 x 213 cm, oil paint on canvas.

Detail of Intybus, Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze

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