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Ipomoea Coccinea , a Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze in Paris

Ipomoea series — Paris, France

Ipomoea Coccinea, a Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze

The wildflower garden of Arne Quinze is, according to him, a perfect example of balance and harmony. Every living thing has its place and purpose, and when we observe nature, we can see the perfect harmony of it all. From the smallest flower to the largest plant, nature works together in a delicate balance, allowing all species to coexist peacefully. Even in the face of destruction and change, nature's harmony prevails. We can learn a lot from the harmony of nature, and it can be a source of comfort and solace in times of trouble.

Quinze's signature style of art often features large-scale paintings that are wild and chaotic, yet still exquisitely balanced and harmonious. His house is a perfect example of this, as he has allowed nature to take over and the plants to find their own way up and across the walls. This results in a mesmerizing and ever-changing view from his windows and an impressive structure that transcends the boundaries between nature and man-made. The snapshots and feelings that he is experiencing from his window were beautifully conveyed in his Ipomoea series.

Arne Quinze’s work is often characterized by intense colors, textures, and patterns that reflect his admiration of nature and the energy and force it brings. Through his art, Quinze seeks to share his passion for the organic and colourful environment, instilling a sense of awe and wonder in viewers.

The four Ipomoea paintings will be on view from 17 March to 29 April at the group exhibition Awakening at the Strouk Gallery in Paris; curated by Martin Kiefer.

Ipomoea Coccinea , a Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze, 200 x 200 cm, oil paint on canvas.

Ipomoea paintings by Arne Quinze on view in Paris

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