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Summer in Paris — Porte De Versailles, Paris, France

Le Beau Rêveur

Arne Quinze continued his journey to reshape our cities into more human environments with this public sculpture in Paris ‘The Beautiful Dreamer’ in 2019. Curated by Artbliss Paris, Viparis commissioned Arne Quinze to intervene in their Porte De Versailles project. Paris — Porte De Versailles is a sustainable (re)development project of Expo Paris, a new exposition area in the city, including:

  • A pavilion with on its rooftop the world's largest urban farm by Valode & Pistre Architects.
  • A 440-room hotel complex by Wilmotte Architects.
  • A spectacular pavilion facade by Pritzker awarded Jean Nouvel.

‘The Beautiful Dreamer’ is a 12m tall landmark overlooking the entrance of Paris Expo. It is Quinze’s ode to the beauty of nature and was developed to inspire visitors while triggering automatic spontaneity. “Having lost our dialogue with nature, we are now stuck with grey & uninspiring public spaces. “Le Beau Rêveur” sets out to counteract that.” The raw power of nature is distilled in his sculpture, by repeatedly deforming sheet metal by means of a demolition crane, but the result shows a rather vulnerable elegance.

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