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Paper model — Location TBA

Lupine Arc sculpture

Arne Quinze is busy preparing a new solo exhibition which will not only feature an overview of his work so far, but also new work. He assembles paper models that later on will be configured identically with scaled, bended, folded, and crumpled metal cones. This Lupine Arc will undoubtably be one of the most important pieces of this exhibition.

A Wildflower Fields painting


Sylvatica, oil paint on linen canvas, 2020

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Upcoming - city introduction visuals

Tupi Stilthouse

Cidade Matarazzo, São Paulo’s new green lung along Avenida Paulista, will surely contrast with...

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Private garden sculpture

The Apple Tree Saver

The ‘Apple Tree Saver’ illustrates nature’s quest for balance. The sculpture takes a dead tree...

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