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published by Hatje Cantz — Germany

Modern Contemporary — Arne Quinze

In his energetically charged works, Belgian artist Arne Quinze (*1971) achieves a balance between chaos and order. He frequently uses “poor” or new kinds of materials. Thousands of wooden boards are nailed together for his Stilt Houses—reminiscent of makeshift dwellings in slum areas—or for his surprising temporary installations, such as Cityscape or The Sequence in Brussels, or Uchronia, an accessible sculpture that went up in flames at the end of the Burning Man Festival in Nevada in 2006.

Quinze sees a connection between himself and Classic Modernism in his consistent attempts to overcome existing boundaries. This monograph presents all facets of his oeuvre, which with its installations, performances, prints, paintings, and sculptures make a creative contribution to twenty-first century art.

Arne Quinze
Modern Contemporary

Texts by Jean-Pierre Frimbois
Interview by Jean-Pierre Frimbois with the artist
Graphic design by Kim Beinaert

English, French
2010. 300 pp., 287 color ills.
23.40 x 27.90 cm
ISBN 978-3-7757-2693-1

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