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Alicante hosts Arne Quinze's latest sculpture exhibition — Paseo Del Puerto, Alicante, Spain

My Secret Garden — Alicante

Alicante, Spain: New host of the exhibition 'My Secret Garden'.

2 July — All Summer 2020.

Arne Quinze's latest exhibition, My Secret Garden, has disembarked in Alicante, Spain. The ensemble of sculptures was conceived as a variety of flowers budding in the city, hesitant at first yet decisive, heralding nature's takeover of the city. The sculptures carved from metal seem to sprout organically out of the concrete-covered quay. After spending a year in the museum city of Calatrava — City Of Arts & Sciences, Valencia — Alicante is the second location in Spain to host the traveling exhibition.

Watch the video of this sculptures exhibition again.

Visit: July - September 2020
Address: Pier 2, Paseo Del Puerto, Alicante
With the kind support of François Fornieri, private collector, and Maruani Mercier Gallery

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