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Málaga, Spain

My Secret Garden in Málaga

My Secret Garden by Arne Quinze is an exhibition project of six outdoor sculptures that is inserted in the evolution of new contemporary relationships generated by public art and its environment, redefining the traditional relation with the symbolic, social and communicative of a city, its inhabitants and tourists.

Quinze takes the changes of paradigms and the evolutions of ideas about how to generate a city as his own. The artist's sculptures are framed in a close relationship with the environment and its inhabitants, starting from the configuration where the colour and textures of nature and the exploration of its diversity must be present in the urban environment. Rewilding the cities is the leitmotif of Arne Quinze's work.

With the intention of bringing citizens closer to the latest artistic trends among contemporary artists, both national and international, and as a result of our firm commitment to disseminating culture,Malaga City Council, with the support of Larios and in collaboration with the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències de València, takes art from the exhibition halls to the spaces, reclaiming the idea of the open-air museum.

The six sculptures are on view at Palmeral de Las Sorpresas, muelle 2 until the 20th of September.

Thanks to Larios Gin, the port & City Council of Málaga.

Macronyx sculpture by Arne Quinze in Málaga

Gawleri sculpture by Arne Quinze in Málaga

Collina sculpture by Arne Quinze in Málaga

Belledenii sculpture by Arne Quinze in Málaga

Laccida sculpture by Arne Quinze in Málaga

Ramosissima sculpture by Arne Quinze in Málaga

Macronyx sculpture by Arne Quinze in Málaga

Arne Quinze & Miriam Atienza, director of the City of Arts & Sciences Museum in Valencia, with the Council of Málaga at the opening of My Secret Garden in Málaga.

The Council of Málaga in conversation with Arne Quinze

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