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My Secret Garden / Rock Strangers

Arne Quinze invited author Saskia de Coster for a unique project that will enlargen the scope of both the Rock Strangers project (Oostende) and the Secret Garden exhibition (Rotterdam). In this unique encounter between two artists, Saskia de Coster immerses herself in Quinzes work for inspiration. She will create a totally new work of fiction as well as a documentary for each project. The aim is multidirectional: not only to use Quinzes work as a door to cover new artistic territories but also to let the new words and images influence and bring to life the spatial installations.

Both the books will be complete diversions from the traditional 'art book' as they will show the artistic journey of both Arne Quinze and Saskia de Coster, each with their very own approach yet with a common vision and belief in the power of interartistic meetings.

As for the documentaries, they map the search for a common ground between Quinze and De Coster and will include various in-depth interviews and fascinating images of the making of this bald endeavour. The viewer and visitor will get a front-row look at the working process of both artists and will get an intense experience of the works of art themselves.

Publication includes 2 DVD's
ISBN 978 90 817724 0 2

Distributed at a number of museums

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