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a Wildflower Fields painting — Atelier, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium


Namaqualand, a Wildflower Fields painting, 180x150 cm, 2020

The blooming meadows of Namaqualand perfectly reflect the utopian references in this Wildflower Fields painting. This area famous for transforming into a floral wonderland every year during spring stretches over South Africa’s West coast and Namibia. The arid plains receive little rain throughout the year, but after the winter rains from May to July/August, the normally dry landscape becomes a carpet of wildflowers with vibrant bands of gousblomme and vygies, as well as nemesias, lachenalias, babiana and ixias. This conservation area is a great biodiversity hotspot with the highest concentration of succulent plants of any of the world’s arid regions. More than a thousand of its estimated 3500 flora species cannot be found anywhere else in the world. (Source:

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