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Natural Chaos — Atelier, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Satellite 'De Zoeker'

“De Zoeker, the Dutch translation of The Searcher, is conceived as a self-portrait and an attempt to show my personal involvement in the evolution of our culture and our interaction with nature. De Zoeker shows my response to the lack of diversity in our society and serves as a metaphor of my quest for pure beauty.”

160 x 150 x 68 cm

Chroma Lupines in Arne Quinze's garden

Chameleon — Chroma

Chroma Lupines, a new series of sculptures, have a monochromatic appearance but assimilate with...

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Public Art Installation


For the creation of Scarlet, Quinze was inspired by the Scarlet Oak. This bright red colored tree...

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Lupine sculptures residing in the garden

Coulter — A Chroma Lupine

Another member of the Chroma Lupines, named after the 'Coulters Lupine' or Lupinus Sparsiflorus,...

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