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Werchter, Belgium

7th edition of the North West Walls curated by Arne Quinze

The North West Walls have been a striking feature of the Festivalpark in Werchter (Belgium) since 2014. Rock Werchter has shown that art has its place at a music festival and that it works. North West Walls has lent the festival fabulous artistic allure. As art projects go, this is a highly ambitious one. North West Walls is a mark on the landscape that can be admired long after the festival period has ended. It is a permanent installation. But then again it is not. Because it looks different every year.

Under the curatorship of Arne Quinze, the North West Walls are brought to life by a new set of street artists every year.

The 7th edition of the North West Walls has acquired artworks by Jabi Corte (Spain), Paola Delfin (Mexico), Federica Furbelli (Italy), Irene Lopez Leon (Spain), Alex Maksiov (Ukraine) and Zenith (Belgium).

Tropaeolum, a Wildflower Fields painting

Tropaeolum is a wild flower that blooms from June to October. After flowering, brightly coloured...

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Wildflower Field Paintings

Oil paint — Black, Purple, Red

Oil paint on canvas with solid oak frame The glowing reds, rose, orange, and yellows we see at...

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Lupine at ARTZUID

A Lupine sculpture during the Amsterdam Sculpture Biennale; ARTZUID. Every two years, 70+...

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