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Oasis by Arne Quinze for Noor festival

Riyadh Desert , Saudi Arabia

Oasis by Arne Quinze for Noor Festival

For the second edition of Noor, a light & art festival in Riyadh, Arne Quinze was invited by the acclaimed LVMH advisor Hervé Mikaeloff to create a public installation in the midst of the Riyadh desert.​ Arne Quinze’s installation 'Oasis' embodies the artist's ideology of an oasis in the desert; a vibrant place in the arid desert where life emerges.

Oasis is a venue where artist Arne Quinze immerses you in the unbridled beauty and diversity of nature. In an overflow of colour, light and form, the spectator is given an inspiring and refreshing vision into the powerful and simultaneously fragile biotoop of nature.

Quinze’s quest is to bring nature back to places where they have been forgotten. With his public installations, the Belgian artist aims to generate interaction and dialogue between spectators and jointly encourage them to restore the balance between culture and nature.​

Oasis by Arne Quinze

Arne Quinze has been installing public installations around the world (Paris, Brussels, Caïro, New York, Washington D.C, London, Shanghai, Mumbai..) for over 30 years. In 2006, he created Uchronia, the largest wooden sculpture to date, in the Nevada desert (Burning Man, USA).

For the creation of his public art installations and sculptures Arne Quinze’s wildflower garden serves as the main inspiration. The perfectly balanced diversity in form and light that the artist sees there throughout the season serves as an endless experience.

Oasis by Arne Quinze in the night

Our cities can learn so much from nature’s diversity. It is a crucial moment in time to bring colour and nature back into our society.
To date, I have been creating work for over 30 years with the aim of encouraging people to re-energise themselves with new insights. To open them up and learn to embrace nature back into their daily lives and communities.

— Arne Quinze

Arne Quinze in front of his Oasis installation in the Saudi Arabian desert.

Since my birth in 1971, more than 30% of our flora and fauna has disappeared because of our human intervention. I see it as my duty as an artist to plant a seed in your mind with my art work and inspire you to join me in rethinking our society and empowering nature.

— Arne Quinze

Detail of Oasis by Arne Quinze

Oasis will be the largest public light sculpture ever created, aiming to reflect the ultimate beauty that we find in nature. A mesmerizing experience to be discovered in the desert plains in the outer reaches of the bustling cultural city of Riyadh.

The power of nature's diversity is strongly reflected in the 16m high and 32m wide light installation Oasis.

Oasis, public installation, 32 m x 16 m, aluminium & LED, 2022.

Oasis by Arne Quinze captured during sunset in the desert

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