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Visualisation study — Korea

Sculpture proposal for Korea

This Chroma Lupine sculpture was named Chameleon, because of its ability to change colour and blend in with every environment. The Chameleon Lupine or Lupinus Sparsiflorus, changes colour after pollination as a way of communication with the bees.

The centrepiece of a majestic private garden

Strelitzia — Brussels

Strelitzia is the botanical name for the commonly known crane flower, or 'bird of paradise', a...

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Presented at Martina Kaiser Contemporary Art

Mono No Aware — paper sketches

Sketches, paint on paper, for Arne Quinze's latest sculptures called 'Mono No Aware'. They...

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Museum Beelden Aan Zee invites Arne Quinze

Rock Strangers — Den Haag

The ‘Rock Strangers’ sculpture in The Hague embodies the idea of Arne Quinze’s artistic...

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