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Cairo, Egypt

The making of Oasis, an upcoming public installation in Cairo

Arne Quinze has been bringing colour and nature back to today's grey cities for over 35 years. The artist has accomplished this with his impressive artwork all over the world.

With these installations, Arne Quinze wants to stimulate the viewer to embrace nature again and allow it into their lives. The artist has the pleasure of installing his next impressive installation in Cairo, a bustling city full of wonderful colours. The installation Oasis is 300 metres long and will allow you to be completely embedded in an oasis of colour and beauty. A place where you can relax in the midst of the bustle of the city and surrender to this organic, colourful display.

In these photos and videos, you can see how Arne Quinze handled this gigantic artwork from sketch to finish. Every splash of paint, piece and cable went through his hands and it is as you will see an Arne Quinze installation in all its glory.

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a Wildflower Fields's painting


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