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Private wooden installation for unique event — Paris, France

The Rebirth

‘Rebirth’ can literally be called a unique project, as it only existed for one single evening. Its patron had just bought the former five-star hotel Royal Monceau in paris and wanted to return it to its former art deco splendour by having
it thoroughly refurbished. Before starting the refurbishment, an evening party was held on a predetermined date at which art and music were the central themes. In addition, this event marked
the actual start of the demolition of the top floor, which started on that very same evening. In
view of the fact that the entire hotel had to be renovated, the possibilities for this installation were nearly unlimited. ‘Rebirth’ whizzed through the building like a swirling storm, zigzagging through the lobby up through the staircase, through all the corridors of all floors and back into the rooms again.

Public Art Installation


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