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Docu film about the creation of a new art installation — Creutz & Partners offices, Beiler, Luxembourg

The story of Amazonia

Nature truly fascinates Arne Quinze in plethora different manners. He is a real admirer, a true addict. His flower garden is a laboratory for studies on colours and shapes. The diversity he finds around his house — only a miniscule sampling of nature — is truly stunning. If only we could build cities as balanced as nature’s ecosystems, they would be far more human. Watch this documentary about Amazonia and how the idea arose for the creation of this suspended sculpture.

Public Art Installation


For the creation of Scarlet, Quinze was inspired by the Scarlet Oak. This bright red colored tree...

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The Fisherman’s Stilt House

Arte Sella Sculpture

Culture versus Nature Culture can be seen as the framework that follows nature in all its...

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Chroma Lupines in Arne Quinze's garden

Chameleon — Chroma

Chroma Lupines, a new series of sculptures, have a monochromatic appearance but assimilate with...

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