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Purple Roof Gallery — Tongfu Greenland Square, China

Today Is A Wonderful Day

In every culture Quinze comes across, he unravels physical processes and draws inspiration for his new oeuvres. Every new creative endeavour captures his research and study on interaction, the urban context and social evolution. For the Tongfu project Arne Quinze foresees a surrealistic and enchanting installation that will add an extra dimension and value to the Tongfu Greenland Square reconstruction.

Seeking inspiration in the 1930’s cultural movement of Surrealism and it’s great masters such as Gaudi, the creator of the Sagrada Familia in Spain and Salvador Dali, known for his striking and bizarre paintings influenced Quinze to create the metal public installation “Today Is A Wonderful Day”
This 50m by 35m and 30m high masterpiece will amaze many passer-by. With its impressive size and expressive blast of form and colour it will spark conversation and start a vigorous dialogue.

With its strong identity and big impact this public installation will succeed to be a cocoon in the city. And become a valuable safe haven in an often crowded city. It will become a place where people can find peace and tranquility. A place to reflect and contemplate and recharge their fresh spirit. With the use of a variety of metals and coloured stained glass plates, Arne Quinze will sculpt these installations, layer by layer, in his trademarked craftsmanship, yielding a unique masterpiece.


A landmark by day
Imaginative from each viewing angle, the sculptures bright wash of colours and reflective coloured glass parts will enucleate the oeuvre with a unique diversity. In an ode to light, these two Stilt Houses will return their daily provided portion of sunlight in pure beauty to its passer-by. Imaginative from each viewing angle, colourful compositions will illuminate the oeuvre with a unique ambient diversity, unique to each moment of the day.

A seamark by night
By night both Stilt Houses will interact with each other and there environment in a spectacular light show. A constant glow of light will cast far along the banks of the river. And encourage many passer-by’s curiosity and intercommunication.


“ This new art installation will become a cultural and prominent symbol that will give the Tongfu Greenland Square an important and added value for the future . ”

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