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Public metal installation — Shanghai, China, 2013

Wind — Shanghai

After his first successful sculpture on Chinese soil, i.e. ‘Red Beacon’, located in the Jing’An district, Arne Quinze again installs a sculpture 
in China. This time in front of the Jing’An Kerry Centre in Shanghai. The architect had the ambition of building Shanghai’s Fifth Avenue – 
by analogy with the important, classy shopping street in New York. The metal ‘Wind’ installation makes up an essential part of this project. A public arcade will connect several buildings with each other and function exactly like a crossroads in the city.

The sculpture consists of 14 bright orange metal parts, each weighing between 200 and 600 kilos and hovering like a frozen movement of fallen leaves swept up by the wind. From the street side, the sculpture cannot be missed as the building it is located in, will be completely constructed out of glass. The continuous bright red glow both by day as well as by night therefore guarantees a continuous stream of impulses, which constantly changes the sculpture group’s appearance. This way, it will appear to be coming to life in its own independent void in space. Both day and night, passers-by are sucked inside through this intriguing combination of motions, generated by the use of laser beams. As a result, a new stream of motion arises, a stream of people who discover the sculpture.

Public Art Installation


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