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Filmed in the garden

Arne Quinze's sculpture proposal for a project in South Korea

This 'Natural Chaos' sculpture is intended to overlook a new public space of a - mostly industrial - city in Korea. It's vivacity and colour aims to spark diversity. According to conceptual artist Arne Quinze, the homogeneity with which our cities are conceived often leads to monotony. Grey buildings and a urban road infrastructure with car as king. We should build our cities, our habitats, with the same principals we see in natural biotopes. And this goes much further than allowing a tree and some wildflowers to grow along the pavement... Arne Quinze dreams of radically different, human cities.

Le Beau Rêveur

Finishing a public art installation in Paris

Inspired by an active romanticism, Arne Quinze continues his journey with this public sculpture...

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Behind the scenes of the workshop

Strelitzia construction

Strelitzia is Latin for the commonly known crane flower, or 'bird of paradise', a plant...

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Digital studio project

A new landmark for India

An oasis in the urban jungle, a place for rest and social interaction. This clearly coincides...

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