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A chromatic metal work for Frieze

Colourising a Lupine Tower sculpture

It was precisely the observation of colours the moment that Quinze's wildflower garden started to show the first signs of impermanence in autumn that led to the creation of this Lupine Tower. Lupine flowers exchange their petals for small bells of seeds and turn slightly yellowish brown. The beauty of decay has been admired and studied for centuries in Japan. With an emotion of gentle sadness, they embrace the beauty that nature radiates during decay. They called it 'Mono No Aware'.

Figures to be proud of

My Secret Garden, Valencia — Extended until 1st of March

Since February 2019, the open-air exhibition of Arne Quinze already attracted 3 million visitors,...

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People braving storm Ciara

Storm Ciara seen from a Rock Strangers perspective

Ostend, February 10th 2020. Many people are attracted by the spectacle of the sea in combination...

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My Secret Garden

Adding colour to the flowers that will flourish in Valencia

'My Secret Garden — Valencia' presents a series of six public sculptures that enter into dialogue...

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