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At the steel workshop

Concentrating the power of nature onto these pieces of metal

Arne Quinze is creating a new Mono No Aware sculpture with his team. A look inside the steel workshop.

Sculpting my Mono No Aware works, catching the power of plants in decomposition phase: a very challenging yet addictive process.

— Arne Quinze

Surrounded by nature

Behind The Scenes

Walking through Arne Quinze’s house and studio is an overwhelming experience of discovering art,...

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Sculptures exhibition travels from Valencia to Alicante

Preparing for My Secret Garden — Alicante

My Secret Garden's first presentation was in Valencia. In the City Of Arts & Sciences, a...

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Le Beau Rêveur

Finishing a public art installation in Paris

Inspired by an active romanticism, Arne Quinze continues his journey with this public sculpture...

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