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Le Beau Rêveur

Finishing a public art installation in Paris

Inspired by an active romanticism, Arne Quinze continues his journey with this public sculpture ‘The Beautiful Dreamer’ in Paris to reshape our cities into a more human environment. Curated by Pop-Up Galerie 208, Viparis commissioned Arne Quinze to intervene in their Porte De Versailles project.

Absolute beauty is what Quinze tries to convey. Sculpting his pieces in a surrealistic abstract manner to enter into dialogue with its visitors by forcing them to fill in the image by their own imagination. With ‘The Beautiful Dreamer’, Arne Quinze captured the beauty of nature and brings it back to the city to remind us of its stirring diversity. Arne Quinze wants his work to be an echo of the beauty of nature in this urban context. It should invite people to communicate more and better, resulting in a more human environment.

After erecting the steel beams, we could start suspending and fixing all coated parts. 💍It's as if we are placing the stone on the ring. The abundance of colour in this jewel is projected into the cityscape through the facade of the new hotel in the back.

‘The Beautiful Dreamer’ is Quinze’s ode to the beauty of nature. Developed to inspire people and thrive automatic spontaneity. We have lost the dialogue with nature, resulting in grey & uninspiring public spaces. “Le Beau Rêveur” sets out to counteract that.

The model that dates from the original sculpture proposal in 2018 is still our guideline for assembly.

Building a new sculpture in Paris

Le Beau Rêveur B/W

We are at the construction site of ‘The Beautiful Dreamer’ in Porte de Versailles, Paris....

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Solo expo, Brussels

Unveiling Lupines — New Sculptures

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At a private collector's residence

Strelitzia installation video

Arne Quinze's team at work: after carefully engineering the painted artwork, installation took...

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