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Welcome to Antwerp

How a massive Lupine Tower budded in the garden of an art collector

After numerous sketches and studies with paint in the studio, after shaping the flower calyxes, after stacking and welding those cones, and after painting, the sculpture can finally leave for its new owner. With some excitement to see his work in its final setting, Arne Quinze assists his team to carefully hoist the sculpture onto its concrete base.

A chromatic metal work for Frieze

Colourising a Lupine Tower sculpture

It was precisely the observation of colours the moment that Quinze's wildflower garden started to...

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Natural Chaos

Painting Amazonia

Creutz & Partners, an asset management company from Luxembourg, will soon open their new...

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Atelier, Deinze, Belgium

Lupine tower assembly

Hard work for Arne Quinze and his team at the steel workshop, as he is completing a public art...

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