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A sculpture for a private garden in Antwerp

How to paint a massive Lupine Tower

This massive Lupine Tower sculpture is about to bud from the Antwerp soil. After finishing its paint layer - which isn't only adding colour, but also adding durability - it will be transported to its final destination: a collector's garden. The Lupine flower has become Arne Quinze's symbol for his quest to challenge monocultures. We need diversity in our living environments, just like nature does in our wild environments. The amount of diversity found in an ecosystem is directly proportional to its resilience. Exactly the same applies to our society.

Natural Chaos

Painting Amazonia

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Le Beau Rêveur

Finishing a public art installation in Paris

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From sketch to sculpture

Strelitzia step by step

Strelitzia flowers stand out in both expressive form ànd expressive colour. Having such a spiky...

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