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A Wildflower Garden for the local hospital workers

Painting for our health workers

During this past week, Arne Quinze has been working on a painting which he will donate to the local hospital, AZ Jan Palfijn — Ghent: "I want to reach out to all the healthcare workers risking their lives for our sanity during these bizarre times. I’ve seen amazing actions of solidarity pop-up all over the world to show gratitude for the courageous work these women and men deliver and I was particularly touched by the massive amount of white sheets hanging out of everyone’s window as a support. As an artist, I perceive a white sheet as a blank canvas and an opportunity to create and explore beauty. I'd like to introduce a positive message by bringing an exuberant wealth of colour to the world."

Arne Quinze is a man of action and he felt a bit useless the last few days: "Just waiting until all is over is really nothing for me. So, I decided to create and to paint harder and more intense than ever. Now's the time people need hope, colour and positivism. Therefore I’m donating this giant Wildflower Garden painting to my local hospital as a thank you for the heroic work they deliver on a daily basis. I hope my painted 'sheet' can contribute to the massive support that these courageous health workers deserve."

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