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Digital rendering of Oasis by Arne Quinze

Digital rendering of Oasis installation by Arne Quinze for Noor festival

Arne Quinze & his team are currently working on the construction of the largest built light sculpture in the middle of the Riyadh desert. “Oasis” by Arne Quinze is created for the prestigious Noor Light Festival under the auspices of the acclaimed LVMH advisor Hervé Mikaeloff.

Oasis embodies Arne Quinze’s ideology of an oasis in the desert; a vibrant place in the arid desert where life emerges and a venue where the artist immerses you in the unbridled beauty and diversity of nature.

On Nov. 3, Noor festival and Oasis will officially light up, until then you can follow the construction of this mesmerizing sculpture on Arne Quinze's Instagram.

Digital rendering of Oasis by Arne Quinze

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