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Creation and installation of a new sculpture in Paris

Rough construction video — The Beautiful Dreamer

Arne Quinze finds it very important to develop our cities in closer relation to nature, and this entire project is a perfect example. It’s about creating an ecosystem for a wide diversity of visitors, aiming for a balanced society. The areas around the city gates, or the main entrance roads to city centres nowadays, have a particularly important role in the urban development, as they have always been very busy with an interesting mix of people with different economical interests or intentions, these areas become the engines of the city.

Digital studio project

A new landmark for India

An oasis in the urban jungle, a place for rest and social interaction. This clearly coincides...

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Natural Chaos

Painting Amazonia

Creutz & Partners, an asset management company from Luxembourg, will soon open their new...

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Le Beau Rêveur

Finishing a public art installation in Paris

Inspired by an active romanticism, Arne Quinze continues his journey with this public sculpture...

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