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Behind the scenes of the workshop

Strelitzia construction

Strelitzia is Latin for the commonly known crane flower, or 'bird of paradise', a plant indigenous to South Africa with sharp and very elegant flowers. Its orange and purple spines sprout from the green plant as if they were origami butterflies 🦋 sitting on a leaf. The idea of giving a subtle hint of paradise, utopia, colour inside a mostly grey urban context, is a concept Arne Quinze aims to conceive with most of his art. His only wish is to make people smile and be more open towards the other, towards the unknown.

Arne Quinze finishing the assembly of a new sculpture he calls Strelitzia, the Latin name of the crane flower.

Sketches preceding the model study

At a private collector's residence

Strelitzia installation video

Arne Quinze's team at work: after carefully engineering the painted artwork, installation took...

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Digital studio project

A new landmark for India

An oasis in the urban jungle, a place for rest and social interaction. This clearly coincides...

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Solo expo, Brussels

Unveiling Lupines — New Sculptures

Watch the photo report of the vernissage of 'Lupines — New Sculptures' in Brussels, Belgium.

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