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Continuation on the exploration of the Lupine sculptures

The Lupine Studies PART II

A wall filled with sketches at Arne Quinze's atelier, illustrating his intense search for the exact right proportions for the execution of his Lupine sculptures.

The creative process of imaging a sculpture

The Lupine Studies, by Arne Quinze

See how Arne Quinze's sculpture comes to life in his studio after many studies and versions. This...

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Interview about the sculpture exhibition in Valencia

A dialogue between Miriam Atienza and Arne Quinze

Miriam Atienza, Director of the City of Arts & Sciences Museum, and Arne Quinze have a talk about...

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An open-air sculpture exhibition

Strolling along the boardwalk of Alicante

This Summer, your holiday in Alicante should include a visit to the port. You can stroll along...

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