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Regent's Park transformed into an open air museum

Visiting Frieze Sculpture

Curator Clare Lilley (Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park), who has been closely following Quinze’s artistic path for many years now, selected him to install a sculpture in Regent's Park, for the 2020 edition of Frieze Sculpture. Watch the result here.

A chromatic metal work for Frieze

Colourising a Lupine Tower sculpture

It was precisely the observation of colours the moment that Quinze's wildflower garden started to...

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Wildflower Fields paintings

Cocooning in my painting atelier

We all need that quiet retreat from chaos in the world and at home: a sanctuary, where creative...

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Behind the scenes of the workshop

Strelitzia construction

Strelitzia is Latin for the commonly known crane flower, or 'bird of paradise', a plant...

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