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Visit Arne Quinze's Secret Garden until the 1st of March

My Secret Garden, Valencia — Extended

Since February 2019, the open-air exhibition of Arne Quinze already attracted 3 million visitors!...

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An inspirational tour with Belgian most famous hip hop DJ

DJ Lefto in our studio

In this RTBF series, Hadja Lahbib follows Lefto visiting some of his friends artists and...

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Printed press — Austria

Bäng Magazin meets Arne Quinze

The people from Bäng magazine, an Austrian lifestyle magazine, together with Günther Egger, an...

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Printed press — Interviews by Jean Nouvel, Philippe Starck, Campana brothers and Arne Quinze

Cidade Matarazzo

At the heart of São Paulo, the Cidade Matarazzo is planned for completion by 2020. The project...

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Television news interview

Spanish television Àpunt: Arne Quinze in Valencia

"La Ciutat de les Arts i de les Ciències acull l'exposició escultòrica "My secret garden", sis...

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