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Marta Herford museum walk-through — Marta Herford Museum, Herford, Germany

Bizarre Spaces — Video

It was a real honour to transform the Marta gallery - a wonderful building by architect Frank Gehry - into a scene of vibrant bizarreness, composed as a symphony of sculpture and sound. This multifaceted art installation shows Arne Quinze's utopian model of nature reclaiming our cities. Watch the video walking through the art installation.

Public metal installation

Whispers — San Antonio

This monumental installation connects the River and Mission San Juan, serving as a portal between...

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Swiss Alps solo exhibition

My Secret Garden — Gstaad

This solo show opened in February 2019, with lots of new paintings and sculptures. The Patricia...

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Distributed at a number of museums

Arne Quinze News Bulletin

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