Arne Quinze and Martina Kaiser invite you

Arne Quinze and Martina Kaiser invite you

My Secret Garden — Martina Kaiser Cologne Contemporary Art

You are kindly invited to Martina Kaiser Gallery, Cologne. The exhibition “My Secret Garden” will officially open its doors on Friday the 4th of September, focusing on the...

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Art & Exhibitions

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Exhibition / Sculpture — Paseo Del Puerto, Alicante, Spain

My Secret Garden — Alicante

Alicante, Spain: New host of the exhibition 'My Secret Garden'. 2 July — All Summer 2020. Arne...

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Painting — Uccle, Belgium

My Secret Garden — Mosaic

Arne Quinze has been exploring the mosaic technique for a few years now. The organic feel of this...

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Sculpture — Waterloo, Belgium

The Apple Tree Saver

The ‘Apple Tree Saver’ illustrates nature’s quest for balance. The sculpture takes a dead tree...

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Arne Quinze

If only we could build our cities as balanced as nature's ecosystems...

Our cities would be far more human. Arne Quinze continues to contest the greyness and dullness of the environments we live in. "Driven by the force of nature, I have the urge to guide our cities towards a better future. Since I was born in 1971, man has destroyed more than 30% of the world’s flora and fauna. To stop this terrible process, I believe the key is to make our living environments more human and green."

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Atelier ‐ Studio

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At the steel workshop

Concentrating the power of nature onto these pieces of metal

Arne Quinze is creating a new Mono No Aware sculpture with his team. A look inside the steel...

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Behind the scenes of the metalworking studio

The creation of Mono No Aware

Over the past few days, Arne Quinze has hidden himself again in the metalworking studio to...

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Martina Kaiser Gallery welcomes Arne Quinze

Opening My Secret Garden — Cologne

Watch the pictures of the red carpet opening of Arne Quinze's exhibition at Martina Kaiser...

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