Docu film about the creation of a new art installation

Docu film about the creation of a new art installation

Le Beau Rêveur — Paris

Arne Quinze continues his journey to reshape our cities into more human environments with this public sculpture in Paris ‘The Beautiful Dreamer’. Curated by Artbliss Paris,...

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Painting / Study — Home & atelier, Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Floral painting study

With these small painted studies Arne Quinze tries to capture the explosions of diversity in his...

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Arne Quinze news Vol. 1 / 2020

The Amazonia Edition

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Installation / Sculpture — Creutz & Partners, Luxemburg

Amazonia — Luxembourg

“I had the most baffling experiences during some hikes through the jungle. It is nature in its...

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Arne Quinze

If only we could build our cities as balanced as nature's ecosystems...

Our cities would be far more human. Arne Quinze continues to contest the greyness and dullness of the environments we live in. "Driven by the force of nature, I have the urge to guide our cities towards a better future. Since I was born in 1971, man has destroyed more than 30% of the world’s flora and fauna. To stop this terrible process, I believe the key is to make our living environments more human and green."

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Filmed in the garden

Arne Quinze's sculpture proposal for a project in South Korea

This 'Natural Chaos' sculpture is intended to overlook a new public space of a - mostly...

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How to visualise the power of nature

Wildflower Fields painting study

Study for colour, shape, movement. 32 sheets of paper. A painting on paper. Atelier,...

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ATV docu on the installation of this big painting

Flowers for AZ Jan Palfijn hospital, Ghent

Interviews in dutch, click here to go to the youtube video.

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