Oasis for Noor Festival

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Art & Exhibitions

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Sculpture — Porches, Portugal

Nymphaea, water sculpture at Vila Vita Parc

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Sculpture — Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris

Art car for Alpine

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Exhibition / Painting — Strouk Gallery, Paris

Awakening exhibition at Strouk Gallery in Paris

AWAKENING Exhibition on the awakening of nature and the body. A proposal by Martin Kiefer,...

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Arne Quinze

If only we could build our cities as balanced as nature's ecosystems...

Our cities would be far more human. Arne Quinze continues to contest the greyness and dullness of the environments we live in. "Driven by the force of nature, I have the urge to guide our cities towards a better future. Since I was born in 1971, man has destroyed more than 30% of the world’s flora and fauna. To stop this terrible process, I believe the key is to make our living environments more human and green."

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Atelier ‐ Studio

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The bees in Arne Quinze's wildflower garden

The beehives in Arne Quinze's wildflower garden got inspected and prepared for the upcoming...

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Digital rendering of Oasis installation by Arne Quinze for Noor festival

Arne Quinze & his team are currently working on the construction of the largest built light...

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Behind the scenes in the steel atelier for an upcoming installation in Riyadh

Every year, the city of Riyadh lights up during its Noor festival. A light festival where...

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