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Art car for Alpine by Arne Quinze at Art Paris 2023

Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris

Art car for Alpine

Arne Quinze has created an Art car in collaboration with the car manufacturer Alpine at Art Paris 2023. In this original light installation, Arne Quinze searches for the perfect balance between expressing the fragility and the power of nature. The Art car is on view in front of the Grand Palais Ephémère during Art Paris 2023.

For Arne Quinze, we cannot detach vehicles from the history of mankind, so we must remain inventive to make them as efficient as possible in harmony with nature. In his own artworks, Arne Quinze is always looking for the perfect balance of expressing the fragility and power of nature. Much like the Impressionists, Arne Quinze is completely surrendered to and inspired by nature and the light that, as a core element, keeps the organic shapes and colours of nature in motion. With his installations, Quinze, like the Impressionists, aims to capture natural light and extend it organically into his sculptures. For him, the organic forms of nature underlie contemporary aerodynamic & technological developments. Even today, innovated and ever-faster means of transport allow you to take in that natural light and colourful haze.

Arne Quinze wants to expose this underlying natural and organic power of race car technology combined with the view of the future and its development. For him, the utopia is to glide through the air, without wheels, and this as fast as light.

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