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a triptych Wildflower Fields painting

​Digitalis Purpurea

Digitalis Purpurea 210114, a triptych Wildflower Fields painting, 220x700 cm, oil on canvas, 2021

Arne Quinze created this enormous wall panel of a wild flower field in the Winter of 2020. This triptych illustrates his appreciation for impressionism. The dense composition hovers at the threshold of abstraction. With a lack of horizon and a bright mist in the center, he creates an effect of total immersion, just like Monet did in his late work. "I very much enjoyed the journey of walking through my secret garden, transferring elements of that place to canvas and creating this wide wildflower painting. My garden is my laboratory, my atelier is my freedom.”

Swiss Alps solo exhibition

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Lupine sculptures residing in the garden

Coulter — A Chroma Lupine

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Wildflower Fields

Alberta Wild Rose

"I try not to paint a flower but the power of my garden." Arne Quinze has been enjoying and at...

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