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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Honeycomb Lupine at Artzuid

Honeycomb Lupine is the sculpture presented by Arne Quinze for the eighth edition of the biennial sculpture exhibition ARTZUID in Amsterdam curated by Jasper Krabbé. It represents the beauty that exists in the decay of the wildflowers in the artist's garden and in nature in general. It is his way to inspire the viewer to strive for a more diversified and colorful society guided by nature’s motion and by norms and values prioritizing our planet. With this sculpture, he aims to encourage the spectator to perceive, and even more so, appreciate the beauty in the transience of nature in all its forms.

The inspiration from all of Quinze’s work originates from the artist’s wildflower field in the garden of his atelier, where he can study the architectural growth of thousands of plants and flowers throughout the changing seasons of the year. Each of Arne Quinze’s artwork is depicting the strength and, at the same time, the fragility of his wildflower garden. He portrays the beauty that exists in nature’s diversity and hopes, in this way, to inspire viewers to live in harmony with the earth and all her treasures. 

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