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Lupine sculpture at Àmare, an art show at the Damse Vaart

Quinze created this lupine sculpture to showcase the unexpected beauty found in his wildflower garden. It is the result of his continuous fascination of the natural world in all its stages. An impression of his admiration for the rich fauna and flora existing all around us.

 “We humans have become the aliens of this world as we are covering nature’s wonders with concrete and continue to live between four brick walls from birth on until our death. Becoming not only more distant from our earthly roots but also limiting ourselves in every aspect of life. Striving to restore the lost harmony between humanity and nature, I create artworks showcasing the unexpected beauty found in nature.” 

- Arne Quinze

The sculpture is one of the twenty-five works on display during Àmare, an art show running across the iconic landscape of the Damse Vaart in the area of Bruges. Àmare stands for the love of the region, the romance of the landscape and the connection of the Damse Vaart with the sea (à mare). The sculpture trail, curated by Annelies Ysebaert, art consultant and owner of Gallery Ysebaert, runs from July 1 until 31 October 2023. 

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