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Outdoor wall art — Uccle, Belgium

My Secret Garden — Mosaic

Arne Quinze has been exploring the mosaic technique for a few years now. The organic feel of this manual working process has always attracted him as a medium to create art with. He kept this particular art work in his atelier in Sint-Martens-Latem for several years, as an inspirational piece to explore the translation of the 'My Secret Garden' paintings to mosaic. It is made with a variation of clean and rough Murano glass. "It will be missed off course, but I'm also super excited to see it hanging at this private collectors house."

Natural Chaos

Amazonia — Luxembourg

“I had the most baffling experiences during some hikes through the jungle. It is nature in its...

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Upcoming - city introduction visuals

Tupi Stilthouse

Cidade Matarazzo, São Paulo’s new green lung along Avenida Paulista, will surely contrast with...

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Drawings, thoughts, sculptures and paintings

Arne Quinze news Vol. 1 / 2020

The Amazonia Edition

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