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Outdoor wall art — Uccle, Belgium

My Secret Garden — Mosaic

Arne Quinze has been exploring the mosaic technique for a few years now. The organic feel of this manual working process has always attracted him as a medium to create art with. He kept this particular art work in his atelier in Sint-Martens-Latem for several years, as an inspirational piece to explore the translation of the 'My Secret Garden' paintings to mosaic. It is made with a variation of clean and rough Murano glass. "It will be missed off course, but I'm also super excited to see it hanging at this private collectors house."

Arne Quinze's garden hosts a series of Chroma Lupines

Mojave & Sparsiflorus — Chroma

Chroma Lupines, a new series of sculptures, have a monochromatic appearance but assimilate with...

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Wildflower Fields

Phlox & California Poppy

Arne Quinze's study of his garden laboratory also resulted in two smaller paintings, called...

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Wildflower Fields painting

Lotus Corniculatus

Lotus Corniculatus or bird's-foot trefoil is a common yellow flowering plant, native to large...

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