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Phaethon, a Wildflower Fields painting

Arne Quinze is exploring every aspect of nature—from its radiant beauty to its humble beginnings and inevitable endings. This resonates strongly with 'Mono No Aware,' or 'beauty in decay,' a Japanese concept that values the ephemeral beauty of life's moments.

Phaethon, a Wildflower Fields painting by Arne Quinze, 200 x 400 cm, oil paint on canvas.

Paper model of two sculptures

Revised: paper model for two sculptures

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Chameleon Lupine at Pass

Arne Quinze creates with various unique elegant forms and the connections between nature and the...

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Arne Quinze, Guest Of Honour at BRAFA '22

Arne Quinze as Guest of Honour at BRAFA '22 19-26 June at Brussels Expo - Heysel

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