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Private garden sculpture — Waterloo, Belgium

The Apple Tree Saver

The ‘Apple Tree Saver’ illustrates nature’s quest for balance. The sculpture takes a dead tree trunk under its wings. Nature will always foster each of its components, from the smallest microbe to the tallest tree. Man should not undermine this delicate balance. Dead elements have their role to play in the biotope and form part of the diet of other organisms. As human beings, we must respect the perfection with which nature is integrated, and even more: we must finally see how we can learn from nature and develop our living environments as nature would.

Note: this apple tree was already dying, it was infected and needed to be cut. This piece of wood will be memorised forever in this sculpture. With this sculpture, Arne Quinze wants to emphasise that dead entities have an important function in nature, their material is crucial to breed new life in the future.

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