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Public wooden installation — Travelling Installation

The Little Vixen

Conceptual artist Arne Quinze is the sculptor of the installation on the performance space. Made out of recycled wood, the intricate tangles of vertical slats will provide a startling setting for the magical, mysterious and highly symbolic landscape of Janáček’s Slavic forest.

The installation, My home My house My Stilthouse, is based on the idea that everyone creates borders in search of both protection and shelter. Children start building their first houses, simple booth camps under a table with a white cloth. Then we begin wearing clothes and later building our own houses, founding territories and instating limits. As the installations’ boundaries go beyond the stage the spectators become an integral part of the play. This effect generates a rare interaction you rarely find in opera and dares the spectators to become aware of their own boundaries.
The plasticity of Arne Quinze’s work will allow the production to be staged in a wide variety of spaces as the set can be adapted to traditional opera houses, industrial buildings, museums, contemporary art centres, urban or suburban environments as well as natural settings.

The astonishing feature of this sculpture- installation is that it will englobe both the performers and the audience. The many different spatial perspectives will create unique and constantly shifting interactions between the singers, the musicians and the audience, seated underneath and within the sculpture.

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